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Bayville Emergency Services is a proud and vital fabric of our community, distinguished by the dedication and valor of two integral organizations: The Bayville Volunteer First Aid Squad and Bayville Emergency Medical Services (EMS).


The Bayville Volunteer First Aid Squad, our cornerstone, has been steadfast in its service since its establishment in 1954. With a legacy spanning over seven decades, our volunteer squad is the embodiment of community spirit and commitment. Fueled by unwavering volunteerism, we pride ourselves on specializing in several key areas:


- Community Training and Safety Advocacy: We believe in empowering our residents with the knowledge and skills necessary to foster a safer environment for all. By providing educational programs and safety advocacy, we aim to create a community well-versed in first aid and emergency response.


- Community and Event Support and Standbys: We stand ready to lend our support to local events, ensuring that participants and attendees have immediate access to first aid services. Our presence is a testament to our unspoken pledge to safeguard our community's health and well-being.


- Support Services to Bayville EMS: In moments when additional assistance is imperative, our squad acts as a reinforcing arm to the Bayville EMS, providing support services that are crucial during times of need.


Complementing the efforts of the volunteer squad is the Bayville Emergency Medical Services, established in 2020. Born from the unanimous decision of the Bayville First Aid membership, Bayville EMS has taken the helm of the 911 Basic Life Support (BLS) Services for the Bayville section of Berkeley Township. The evolution of our services did not end there, as we also introduced novel services that reflect our dedication to innovation and excellence:


- Special Operations: Realizing the unique needs of our community, we have developed specialized emergency response capabilities to address a wide variety of critical situations with precision and expertise.


- Dive Team: Embracing the challenges posed by water-related emergencies, our skilled dive team is equipped to perform search, rescue, and recovery operations, providing a lifeline in aquatic environments.


Together, these two organizations form the backbone of Bayville's emergency response infrastructure. We are united by a common purpose: to ensure the safety, health, and response readiness of our beloved community. Bayville Emergency Services is not merely a provider of emergency care, but a symbol of hope and resilience that stands guard over our residents, day and night.

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